Prepping another LHT for delivery.

Prepping another LHT for delivery.


some of the most beautiful cycling videography i’ve seen. quite majestic, those rockies.

Unbelievably great

Marty and new Krampus. It’s all my fault I guess.

Marty and new Krampus. It’s all my fault I guess.

I ran into an old acquaintance today.  Someone I met in my early days of working in the bike business.  He admitted that he wasn’t really riding anymore.  He is not alone.  Many of the people I knew back then aren’t riding anymore.  I have a theory why.  

When you ride at a high level (or a perceived high level) the maintenance takes a lot of time.  More time than is realistic most of the time.  What happens when you, all of a sudden, can’t ride with the “A” group, or the “B” group?  You quit.  You find new hobbies.  

I find it sad really.  Riding just for the fun of it is liberating.  No pressure to keep up.  No pressure to have the latest gizmo.  No pressure to track your average speed.  It’s just about the ride.

I love riding my bicycle.  I hope that never changes.  I’ll take as many people along for the ride as I can.

I am, admittedly, late to the fat bike party.  I resisted for a number of years.  I held out until a couple of weeks ago.  It was a “palm to forehead” moment.  I don’t know if these things could be any more fun.  Low maintenance, plenty of “cush”, and the darn thing will last forever.  I believe it truly is the Un-racer’s mountain bike (although there are some racing them now).

Time to get fat (not phat).

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